CHME Mentoring


CHME Freshmen and Sophomores,

Whether you’ve been struggling with classes or just wanna have someone to bounce ideas off of and keep you in check, search no further! The NMSU AIChE chapter has you covered! Listed below are the available ChemE upperclassmen that want to help show you the ropes.

What we want for the incoming students and not-so-new students is a group mentoring environment, so the more mentors you have (within reason), the more you can learn from them!

If you are unsure who to choose but are still interested in the mentoring program, you can speak with our president Eric Banek at

CHME Juniors and Seniors,

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, please contact our webmaster at with your:

  • Name
  • Brief Biography
  • Your Preferred Photo
  • Class in CHME (Junior, Senior)
  • Mentoring Strengths
  • Contact Information (phone number, e-mail, facebook, etc.)

and he will add you to the page so you can get your own mentees!

If you are already a mentor, please notify our secretary at of who your mentees are.

Mentor List

Joshua GomezIMG5465465445116


  • Undergraduate Research
  • Graduate School
  • Presentations
  • Networking
  • General Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Algebra/Calculus
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Resume building
  • Gains

Hello Everyone! I am currently a sophomore in chemical engineering and also the fundraising executive in AICHE. I started doing research my freshman year, where I started working under Dr. Shuguang Deng focusing on material optimization for water treatment applications. After doing research for almost 2 years I have accumulated a vast amount of experience in interdisciplinary work, presenting, and networking which are very beneficial to anyone. If you have any interest in research or graduate school I can definitely help, but no matter what it is you may need I will always try to help you in any way possible.

Joshua Gomez
(915) 251-1730

Jessica MillerMiller


  • Campus resources/activities
  • BSCHE track/class choices
  • Resumes/career fair

Hey CHME’s! I’m a Junior in Chemical Engineering with a supplementary major in Applied Mathematics and the community service chair for AIChE. I can help you if you have any questions about classes, scheduling, majors and minors, research, AIChE, or NMSU life in general.

Jessica Miller
(575) 373-5186